IBPS RRB IV - Interview Study Materials & Topics - 2/2

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditAs promised, we are giving you Important Links for IBPS RRB Interviews.

You need to study these basic banking topics:
  2. RBI Rates - How much it was reduced/increased
  3. Various Banking Appointments - Last 2 months
  4. Difference Between Various Banking Products
  5. Bank Head Quarters
  6. Acronyms - SLR/CRR etc. and their definition
  7. Various Accounts and Their Features.
  8. Various Apps and Their Features

For The Banking Portion Follow these links:

We have provided Official FAQs page of RBI Link as it contains plenty of information and will easily help you to browse and study.
  2. All Important Schemes Launched in 2015
  3. Banking Awareness PDF - FOR Acronyms
  4. All About NBFCs
  5. General Awareness Chest - Contains a Lot of Banking Awareness
  6. Various Banking Products and Their Differences
  7. Payments & Settlement System in India
  8. Financial Regulators and Their Features - PDF

For Current Affairs – The Monthly Magazine will be provided today. So read that along with the September issue.

Important Current Affairs Topics:
  2. Women in Indian Air Force
  3. Nobel Prize 2015
  4. IMF & World Bank Reports
  5. RBI's Bi-Monthly Policy in October
  6. PM Laid the Foundation stone of AP Capital Amravati
  7. European Refugee Crisis
  8. AMRUT
  9. Facebook & Internet.org - No In-depth needed
  10. IDFC Bank - A brief about it

Last but not the least, generic HR Questions and your Academic questions shall only be prepared by you. Because, i) HR Questions should be answered in a way which will express your personality and ii) the academic questions will be from the core subjects and followed by counter or related questions.

However, we will hold a Live Interview Discussion Session in exampundit on Sunday i.e. 8th November, 2015.

All the best. Study Hard.


Team ExamPundit


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