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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Daily Word List - Set 9

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the 9th Set of Daily Word list.

1. Resound: to echo, to be filled with sound.
Example: His music and poetry will resound along the streets.

2. Impair: Weaken, damaged.
Example: It would be such a terrible waste to impair a mind like his.

3. Grandeur: Splendor, magnificence.
Example: During the tour, the grandeur of the royal palace left me speechless.

4. Homage: respect, to honor someone publicly.
Example: The soldiers displayed homage to their fallen comrade by saluting his coffin.

5. Emulate: to imitate or copy, to match or surpass one’s achievements through imitation.
Example: If you want to be rich, emulate a wealthy entrepreneur.

6. Proficient:  to be skilled, to be competent.
Example: He became as proficient in Hindi as in his native tongue.

7. Abstruse: difficult to understand.
Example: When my uncle talks too fast, he can be quite abstruse.

8. Pertinent: relevant, to the point.
Example: As a lawyer, I have to wonder if these questions are pertinent to my client’s case.

9. Fray: unravel, worn at the edge, fight, dispute.
Example: The edges of Anita’s sweater were beginning to fray.

10. Oblivious: being forgetful, unaware of surroundings.
Example: The absent-minded couple acted oblivious to the mess their child made in the restaurant.



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