Daily Word List - Set 6

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the Daily Word List Set 6 prepared by our very own Wazza.

1. Antipathy- Aversion, Dislike, Negative feeling

Eg. His professional judgement was coloured by his personal antipathies.

2. Charlatan- An impostor, A fraud

Eg. He knows nothing about medicine-he’s a complete charlatan.

3. Gall- Irritate, Annoy, Provoke

Eg. Words full of venom and gall.

4. Misconstrue- Misunderstand, Confuse, To interpret wrongly

Eg. He deliberately misconstrued everything I said.

5. Putrid- Rotten, Stinking

Eg. The putrid smell of meat.

6. Remiss- Negligent, Careless

Eg. It was remiss of them not to inform us of these changes sooner.

7. Labyrinth- A maze, A complicated series of paths

Eg. We lost our way in the labyrinth of streets.

8. Knavery- Dishonesty, Miscreants

Eg. Beware of knavery traders in the tourist area.

9. Ingenuous- Genuine, Candid, Frank

Eg. You’re too ingenuous.

10. Hazy- Ill-defined, Not clear

Eg. The mountains were hazy in the distance.

11. Vociferous- Noisy, Loud outcry

Eg. Vociferous protests.

12. Welter- A state of turmoil, Agitation or confusion

Eg. A welter of information.

13. Dint- Effort, Strength, Power

Eg. He succeeded by dint of hard work.

14. Optimum- Ideal, Best

Eg. The optimum use of resources.

15. Jester- A professional joker

Eg. The court jester.


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