Daily Word List - Set 1

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the Daily Word List of 9th November, 2015. This is prepared by our ardent member "wazza" :)

1. Allure- To bait, To entice, To attract
           e.g.:- the allure of the big cities

     2. Effulgent- Shining, Radiant, Splendid
           e.g.:- the moon was effulgent that night.

     3. Delve- Investigate, Explore, Examine
           e.g.:- He had started to delve into his father’s distant past.

     4. Iterate- Repeat, State repeatedly
           e.g.:- Let us iterate the procedure again.

     5. Jaded- Worn out, Exhausted, Corrupt
           e.g.:- I felt terribly jaded after working all weekend.

     6. Overt- Apparent, Clear, Evident
           e.g.:- There was little overt support for the project.

     7. Pragmatic- Fundamental, Basic, Sensible, Realistic
           e.g.:- A pragmatic approach to management problems.

     8. Burlesque- Mockery, Ludicrous imitation
           e.g.:- The play was criticised for its burlesque treatment of serious issues.

     9. Carnage- Bloodshed, Extensive slaughter
           e.g.:- The carnage of the first World War.

    10. Jeopardy- Risk, Threat, Danger
           e.g.:- The war has put thousands of lives in jeopardy.


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