General Knowledge Quiz for SSC CHSL 2015 - Set 2

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the second set of General Knowledge Quiz for SSC CHSL 2015.

1. Tamerlane invaded India during the reign of
a) Firoz Tughlak
b) Mahmud Tughlak
c) Muhammad-bin –Tuglak
d) Daulat Khan

2. When did Sher Shah Suri overthrow Humayun?
a) 1540
b) 1539
c) 1526
d) 1556

3. The function of vitamin K is in
a) regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism
b) blood clotting
c) respiration
d) carbohydrate metabolism

4. Oxygenated blood is carried by
a) pulmonary vein
b) pulmonary artery
c) hepatic portal vein
d) renal vein

5. In mammals, oxygenated blood enters the heart at the
a) right atrium
b) left atrium
c) right ventricle
d) left ventricle

6. Which Amendment act introduced changes in the Preamble to the Indian Constitution?
a) the 38th Amendment act, 1975
b) the 40th Amendment act, 1976
c) the 42nd Amendment act, 1976
d) the 44th Amendment act, 1979

7. The preamble of our Constitution reads India as–
a) Sovereign, Socialist, Secular Democratic Republic
b) Sovereign, Democratic, Socialist, Secular Republic
c) Socialist, Sovereign, Democratic, Secular Republic
d) Democratic, Sovereign, Secular, Socialist Republic

8. Who was the first women to become the Prime Minister of a Country?
a) Golda Meir
b) Margaret Thatcher
c) Indira Gandhi
d) Sirivano Bhandharnaike

9. In India, the Prime Minister remains in office so long as he enjoys the -
a) Support of armed forces
b) Confidence of Rajya Sabha
c) Confidence of Lok Sabha
d) Support of the people

10. In which case, the Supreme Court ruled that ‘the senior most judge of supreme court should alone be appointed to the office of the Chief justice of India’?
a) First judges case
b) Second judges case
c) Third judges case
d) None of these


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