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Friday, September 25, 2015

Computer Knowledge Quiz 2015 - Set 22

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for Bank Exams 2015.

1. This type of electronic commerce involves the sale of a product or service to the general public.
(a) B2C
(b) B2P
(c) C2C
(d) B2B
(e) G2C

2. Buying and selling goods over the Internet is called _______
(a) hyper-marketing
(b) cyber-selling
(c) e-commerce
(d) euro-conversion
(e) All of the above

3. Before you submit a contribution to a discussion group, you should first ___
(a) lurk
(b) signal
(c) queue
(d) ping
(e) router

4. A popular chat service is called
(a) IM-Chat
(b) UseNet Chat
(c) Internet Protocol Chat
(d) Internet Relay Chat
(e) None of the above

5. What is the shortcut key to Close Active Document in Microsoft Word?
(a) Ctrl + F4
(b) Shift + F4
(c) Ctrl + Shift + F4
(d) Ctrl + Alt + F4
(e) None of the above

6. Which of the following is not the layer of TCP/IP protocol?
(a) Application Layer
(b) Session Layer
(c) Transport Layer
(d) Internetwork layer
(e) Mac layer

7. What is the name given to the temporary storage area that a web browser uses to store pages and graphics that it has recently opened?
(a) Niche
(b) Cellar
(c) Webspace
(d) Cache
(e) Junk

8. IP address is currently
(a) 4 bytes long
(b) available in plenty
(c) 6 bytes long
(d) not assigned as it is all used up
(e) any long

9. A computer on the Internet that hosts data, that can be accessed by web browsers using HTTP is known as:
(a) Web Rack
(b) Web Space
(c) Web Server
(d) Web Computer
(e) Web client

10. Linux is
(a) A Web Browser
(b) A Web Server
(c) An Operating System
(d) An nonprofit organization
(e) Web site


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