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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Computer Knowledge Quiz 2015 - Set 15

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for Bank Exams 2015.

1. The process of a computer receiving information from a server on the Internet is known as:
(a) Pulling
(b) Pushing
(c) Downloading
(d) Transferring
(e) Uploading

2. ____ is the process of carrying out commands.
(a) Fetching
(b) Storing
(c) Executing
(d) Decoding
(e) Coding

3. All of the following terms are associated with spreadsheet software except:
(a) Worksheet
(b) Cell
(c) Formula
(d) Virus detection
(e) Row

4. Repair for a known software bug, usually available at no charge on the Internet, is called a ___
(a) Version
(b) Patch
(c) Tutorial
(d) FAQ
(e) Call

5. Which of the following terms is just the connection of networks that can be joined together?
(a) Virtual private network
(b) Internet
(c) Intranet
(d) Extranet
(e) LAN

6. Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a ___
(a) Network
(b) Mainframe
(c) Supercomputer
(d) Client
(e) Server

7. Through which device the main components of the computer communicate with each other?
(a) Keyboard
(b) System Bus
(c) Monitor
(d) Memory
(e) Cable

8. A typical personal computer used for business purposes would have ____ of RAM.
(a) 4 KB
(b) 16 KB
(c) 64 KB
(d) 256 KB
(e) 300 KB

9. The original ASCII code used ____ bits of each byte, reserving that last bit for error checking
(a) 5
(b) 6
(c) 7
(d) 8
(e) 10

10. Which type of memory is closely related to processor?
(a) Main Memory
(b) Secondary Memory
(c) Disk Memory
(d) Tape Memory
(e) None of these

11. ____ is the primary key of one file which also appears in another file.
(a) Physical key
(b) Primary key
(c) Foreign key
(d) Logical key
(e) Secondary key

12. The technique that extends storage capacities of main memory beyond the actual size of the main memory is called ____
(a) Tape Memory
(b) Virtual memory
(c) Disk Memory
(d) All the above
(e) None of the above

13. The blinking symbol on the computer screen is called:
(a) Mouse
(b) Hand
(c) Cursor
(d) Icon
(e) Drag

14. The most important or powerful computer in a typical network:
(a) Desktop
(b) Network client
(c) Network server
(d) Network station
(e) CPU

15. A Website address is a unique name that identifies a specific ___ on the Web.
(a) Web browser
(b) PDA
(c) Website
(d) Link
(e) None of these

16. The ___ performs simple mathematics for the CPU.
(a) ALU
(b) DIMM
(c) BUS
(d) Register
(e) Flip

17. The ____ of software contains lists of commands and options.
(a) Title bar
(b) Menu bar
(c) Formula bar
(d) Toolbar
(e) Insert bar

18. A word in a web page that, when clicked, opens another document is called:
(a) Anchor
(b) Hyperlink
(c) Reference
(d) URL
(e) HTML

19. ____ is when the more power-hungry components, such as the monitor and the hard drive, are put in idle.
(a) Hibernation
(b) Power down
(c) Standby mode
(d) The shutdown procedure
(e) Sleeping mode

20. The ____ key and the ____ key can be used in combination with other keys to perform shortcuts and special tasks.
(a) Control, Alt
(b) Function, Toggle
(c) Delete, Insert
(d) Caps Lock, Num Lock
(e) All the above


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