Banking Awareness Quiz 2015 - Set 14

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Banking Awareness Quiz for 2015 Bank Exams.

1. During March 2015, a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) committee had recommended introduction of PSLCs to enable banks "to meet their PSL requirements even while leveraging their comparative advantage in lending". What does the PSLC stands for?
(a) Priority Sector Lending Certificates
(b) Priority sector Loan Certificates
(c) Primary and Secondary Sector Certificates
(d) Public Sector Lending Certificates
(e) None of the above

2. Zero Coupon Bonds refers to
(a) Bond issued at face value
(b) Bond issued with face value & interest
(c) Bond issued at discount from its face value with interest
(d) Bond issued at discount from its face value without interest
(e) None

3. ATMs that are owned and managed by non-banking entities are called as ___
(a) Onsite ATM
(b) Offsite ATM
(c) Third Party ATM
(d) Red label ATM
(e) White label ATM

4. For transfer of funds through NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) and minimum and maximum amount that can be transferred are
(a) Rs.1,000 and maximum Rs. 5 lakhs.
(b) Rs. 1000 and maximum no limit
(c) Rs. 5,000 and maximum 1 lakh
(d) No minimum & maximum amount
(e) None

5. Cash kept in the currency chest is owned by
(a) Currency Chest Branch Bank
(b) Central Government
(c) Reserve Bank of India
(d) State Bank of India
(e) None of the above

6. Bank can't proceed against the borrower under SARFAESI Act where
(a) Security is agri land
(b) Liability is less than 1 lakh
(c) Liability is less than 20% of the principal
(d) Pledge of movables
(e) All of the above

7. The minimum capital required to start a new private sector bank is?
(a) Rs. 100 crore
(b) Rs.200 crore
(c) Rs. 300 crore
(d) Rs.400 crore
(e) Rs. 500 crore

8. RBI injects liquidity through
(a) Increase Bank Rate
(b) Reduction of Repo Rate
(c) Reduction of Reverse Repo
(d) Increase CRR
(e) Increase SLR

9. A customer requested to include his wife and daughter as nominees after one year of opening of the account. Will it be accepted?
(a) It can be accepted since the nominees are the family members of the depositor
(b) Cannot be considered since the request is not received at the time of opening of account
(c) Can be considered with 50% share each
(d) Nomination should be made only in favor of single name. Hence can’t be considered
(e) None of the above

10. What is the relationship between the Bank and Overdraft Customer where the account is showing credit balance?
(a) Creditor & Debtor
(b) Principle & Agent
(c) Trustee & Beneficiary
(d) Debtor & Creditor
(e) None of the above


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