SBI PO 2015 - GD Topics - Part 1

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a list of GD Topics for SBI PO 2015 GD/PI. More Topics will be given within a few days.


  1. NGOs in Economics and Polity
  2. Minimum Educational Qualifications for Political Personnel
  3. Indian Economy - Last One Year
  4. Impact of Globalization in Banking Sector
  5. Digital India - Pros & Cons
  6. Women Empowerment or Women Reservation
  7. Digital Banking vs Traditional Banking
  8. Development and Global Warming are correlated
  9. Pros and Cons of E-Commerce
  10. Payment Bank vs Regular Bank - Who has the upper hand?
  11. India's Role in Global Economy
  12. Should India take precaution after Greek Economic Crisis?
  13. Entrepreneurs or Inventors?
  14. Is Banning similar to Dictatorship?
  15. Should India change its policies against Terrorism?

More to be added. All the topics are original, none copied. So if you have any doubt, shoot your comment below in the comment box.


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