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Independence Day word itself describes freedom we all are well aware of the face that on August 15, 1947 India got freedom from the Britishers.It is a national festival for all of us irrespective of cast, religion etc. We celebrate this day to pay homage to all the freedom fighters because of whom we got freedom. This day has a great importance in our life and we call it a Red letter day. Since childhood we have heard stories of freedom struggle from our elders and read in books etc. we celebrate Independence Day giving a message by hoisting a tri colored flag which shows courage and sacrifice of freedom fighters to make our country free. We should celebrate this day to pay tribute to these legends and always remember their sacrifice. 

We, the people should realize how we get freedom and the developments and achievements after independence in every walks of life. Our economy was unsound soon after independence. India was rich in culture and heritage. The struggle after independence was continued as we were very poor that time. Now technology becomes advanced. We are producing and exporting goods to other countries. It shows the development in our country.

We celebrate Independence day by flying kites in the evening celebrating the freedom from the shackles. But still a question arises in my mind Are we still Independent? Because now also we are not free from corruption, many people are not able earn their livelihood, Casteism etc. These issues should be eradicated. It our social responsibility to make us free from materialistic thought, uplift every section of society.

So lets take pledge on this Independence Day that we will not let our freedom fighters struggle in vain and our motto should make India towards Inclusive growth with sustainable development.


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