How To Prepare General Awareness for IBPS Clerk and PO 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditLets read out some of the most regular comments.

  1. What to study in GA for IBPS PO?
  2. What to study in Current Affairs for IBPS PO?
  3. I am weak in GA, how to improve?
  4. I AM SCARED ABOUT GA, What to do?
  5. How many months of Current Affairs do we need to study?

If we continue, the list will never end. So better we answer all these queries in ONE SINGLE POST.

So, IBPS Clerk and IBPS PO is coming up and many of you are confused about General Awareness, Current Affairs and Stock GK needed for IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk in 2015.

So, lets begin!!

Firstly and Most Importantly, YOU DON’T NEED TO STUDY CURRENT AFFAIRS OF LAST 6-7 MONTHS. Yes, you read it right, Current Affairs after 60 days are not Current Affairs, they are some old news replaced with newer and much more important news.

So the question is, how many days/months of current affairs you need to study?

Simple, follow the BOUT.

Now, the Bout contains current affairs of a certain period of time which you need to study. No More, No Less.

BOUT: If your exam is on 1st January, then you need to study current affairs from October 20 to December 20. Nothing more or less than that.

Follow this for every exam.

Now, there are few current affairs topics which needs to be covered throughout the year.

The list of Current Affairs Topics which you need to cover throughout the year:
  • Union Budget (Not the Rail Budget)
  • Important Schemes in the Sector of Finance, Human Resource and Skills (Sukanya Samridhi, PMJJY etc.)
  • Census Data
  • Major Awards & Honors (Nobel, Magsaysay etc.)
  • Major Obituaries (Loss of Missile Man for eg.)

Coming back to the “BOUT”, What to study? What not to?

You should be studying the following topics:
  • News Related to Finance/Banking/Economy
  • News related to India, which includes various schemes, govt. policies launched
  • News related to Sports (Championships, Player Names, Venues, Winner/Runner-Up names, Retirements, Debuts)
  • Major World Events (Global Policy Reforms, MoUs between major countries, Major Incidents)
  • Appointments (Primarily in India, then the global appointments)
  • Awards & Honors
  • Obituaries
  • Books & Authors

What you should not be studying?
  • News related to corruption
  • News related to Q1, Q2 profits of companies (Unless they create some history)
  • Stock Market news (Unless it turns out to be some record)

Okay? Done with the Bout, now moving forward to the Stock GK and Banking Awareness Part.

Stock GK topics you need to cover(Given previously):
  • Historical Monuments (Eg. Taj Mahal)
  • Temples/Mosque/Any Other Famous Religious Place Both India and World
  • State/UT Capitals
  • State/UT Symbols (Animals/Trees)
  • International Newspapers/Magazines
  • Currency and Capitals of Various Countries
  • Power Plants
  • Bird/Wildlife Sanctuaries
  • National Parks
  • International Airports
  • Cricket/Football Stadiums
  • International News/Press Agencies (Not Newspapers)
  • Dams in India
  • Important Dams/Monuments Across the world
  • Days & Observance
  • Important Rivers/Lakes in India/World
  • First to win Awards
  • Mountains and Hills in India
  • Largest Productions by Countries
  • Governors of Indian State/UTs
  • Stock Exchanges Around The World and their Indexes

Now, Banking Awareness, a major part. You need to study the following topics mainly:
  • Banking Terms
  • Banking Instruments
  • Banking Procedures
  • Various Limits, Thresholds
  • Various Committees
  • Important Products launched by Various Banks (cards, loans etc.)

The General Awareness is very easy if you study smart, follow the bout and make sure you are regularly reading all the CA. There is a reason we give daily PDFs, so that you don’t need to rush.

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