GA Questions asked in UIIC Assistant 2015 - Morning Shift

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are the GA Questions asked in UIIC Assistant 2015 Morning Shift.

  1. Hq of lic
  2. largest life insurance company
  3. along with India Nicl operate in?
  4. 48th Asean forengin ministers' meeting held in
  5. Dicgc insures what?
  6. Irda established under which committe recommendation.
  7. suez canal is in?
  8. question on samanvay
  9. cm of haryana
  10. india will surpass china in population by?
  11. raman magsay awardee(sanjiv chaturvedi was given) ans:anshu gupta
  12. capital of mozambique
  13. currency of Sri Lanka
  14. national handloom day?
  15. Hiroshima day
  16. Ramanujan awardee
  17. sar utha ke jiyo is the tagline of which company?
  18. A Grammy awardee is recently passes away named that person?
  19. A Amerclican global company paytech launch a new payment Service name this?
  20. krishnapatnam port where?

Thanks to S@M and Abhijeet for sharing the questions.


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