Exam Review - RBI Assistant 2015 - 9 August

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is the Official Exam Review of RBI Assistant 2015 9 August Exam.

Reasoning: Reasoning was all over easy for most of the candidates. Only a few students said about one or two problems which were bit confusing. Otherwise, the seating arrangements, puzzles, syllogisms, inequalities and other topics were very easy.

English: English was also easy for all of the candidates. Comprehension was not on Banking or Marketing related. The Passage topics were basically literature based. So it was quite easy to attempt. On the other hand, cloze test, error corrections were very easy and most of the students were very happy.

Numerical Ability: The Numerical Ability part was moderate and calculative. Simplifications, some of the arithmetic were calculative and good standard. The Maths section had very less good reviews. The DIs somehow said to be quite better than the Number Series or Simplifications. All over, a lot of students were not very happy.

GA and Computer: Computer Knowledge had very basic questions and they were easily attemptable. Mostly, it had networking, peripheral, common process related and acronyms questions. Again, GA had a lot of questions in common with our Expected Questions PDF. The GA portion was satisfying for a lot of candidates.

Mostly, the exam was easy except the Maths portion. The Average attempts varied between 167-176 regardless of any category, shift.


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