Exam Review - RBI Assistant 2015 - 1st August Both Shifts

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditSo today was the first day of RBI Assistant 2015 Exam. We received reviews in comment/facebook group/messages and emails. Here is the detailed and official review by us of RBI Assistant 2015 1st August Both Shifts Combined.


Reasoning was all over easy for most of the candidates. Only a few students said about one or two problems which were bit confusing. Otherwise, the seating arrangements, puzzles, syllogisms, inequalities and other topics were very easy.


English was also easy for all of the candidates. Surprisingly the Comprehension was not on Banking or Marketing related. The Passage topics were basically literature based. So it was quite easy to attempt. On the other hand, cloze test, error corrections were very easy and most of the students were very happy.

Numerical Ability:

As per Deep "It was easy to moderate as some of the simplifications and number series can take you in consumption of more time." On the other hand candidates prepared for PO exams were very comfortable with the DIs and Other Arithmetic questions. There were two or three reveiws where candidates said that they could not attempt more because of their improper time management. The Numerical Ability was all over reported as "calculative" but not "tough". So time management will be a key factor as Deep said.

Computer Knowledge:

Computer Knowledge portion had basic questions which was easily attempted by Most of the Candidates. We had a few computer questions shared by MJ:
.vxd file extension
Cobol full form
Which among these is not a virus - Firmware
Word file extension
cntrl + c =

General Awarness:

General Awareness portion had a lot of questions from our Expected Questions PDF. Also there were questions from APY, PJDY, PMSBY and other schemes. There were questions from Temples, National Parks, State Capitals and Stock Exchange Indexes. All of these topics are already covered by us.
Most of our members were happy with the GA portion.

The Average attempt combining both shifts was: 165-180 (NotStatewise/NotCategorywise)

Heads up for Next Week:

For Next Week, Expect the exam to be moderately higher or same level. 


Team ExamPundit


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