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Computer Questions Asked in RBI Assistant 2015 - 8 August Morning

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. A big thanks to Satish and RK and Prasanta for sharing the Computer Questions asked in RBI Assistant on 8th August, Morning Shift.

  1. Radio beam newtork is communicated by which network protocol
  2. Odd one out - WAN , MAN, PAN, RAN, LAN
  4. 1 MB is equal to How many byte ?
  5. BIOS Full Form ?
  6. Which one among is greater GB, MB, PB, KB, ?GB
  7. Which among is maximum speed , gbps, kbps, mbps ? gbps
  8. What is the device that forward the message from one node to another node ? router
  9. What is Hibernation ?
  10. increasing order of Data Character , field , record , file , database ?
  11. Clock speed measured in ?
  12. ASCII Full form
  13. ping is used for which protocol ?
  14. HTTP Full Form
  15. smallest resolution in screen ?-pixel
  16. C++ is what type of language?
  17. Full form of IP
  18. full form of WORM ?
  19. unsoliictaed mails known as ?
  20. unauthorised attacks portected by ?

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