5 Last Moment Advice for RBI Assistant 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPunditAll the best for tomorrow’s examination. Here are some last moment tips we are giving for tomorrow’s RBI Assistant 2015 Exam.

1. Number Series and Simplification will decide a lot of things. As per last week’s reviews, we can easily assume that Number Series and Simplifications might be easy but few might take some time. So these will play a crucial role.

2. Time Management will lead you to your dream. Attempting a good number of question is all you want. So don’t spend too much time on question which you are finding hard. Skip and move on to the easy ones and then later on you can just come back finish the hard ones.

3. General Awareness will be the easiest if you have studied smart. Which means, all the PDFs, articles and Expected Questions we have shared, if you have read them nicely, you will be scoring a GOOD number of marks in GA. Geographical (Places) Stock GK is very important, so make sure you have done your part.

4. Reasoning and DI will be high scoring if you have practiced enough. Most of the aspirants had prepared for SBI PO Prelims and few other exams which are bit higher in terms of RBI Assistant. So if you have been practicing high level DIs and Reasoning problems, then you should not worry about RBI Assistant!

5. English WAS NOT tough. So having a proper grip in the grammar and vocabulary will let you score a good number. Moreover, if you have time and you read good, don’t skip the comprehension test as it can fetch you a lot of numbers.

Finally, All The BEST and Believe In Yourself!! You can Do it!

May the Force be with You.


Team ExamPundit


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