Marketing Aptitude Quiz for SBI PO Mains 2015 - Set 9

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Marketing Quiz for SBI PO Mains 2015.

1. Debt Market is –
(a) A market where there is no single location to interact for common business.
(b) A market where participants talk to each other, over telephone, conclude deals, and send confirmations by Fax, Mail etc.
(c) A virtual market
(d) All of the above
(e) None of these

2. What are the three R's of Marketing–
(a) Research, Relation, Religion
(b) Reach , Rate , Real
(c) Right, Rare , Range
(d) Rift, Rent , Reference
(e) None of these

3. The main purpose of market segmentation is –
(a) To maximise profit
(b) To make mere customer
(c) To maximise sales
(d) Both (a) and (b)
(e) None of these

4. Marketing channels means –
(a) Leads
(b) Delivery outlets
(c) Warehousing
(d) Back office
(e) None of these

5. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a –
(a) Pre–sales activity
(b) A tool for lead generation
(c) An ongoing daily activity
(d) The task of DSA
(e) All of the above

6. Effective selling skills depends on –
(a) Peer–strength
(b) Organisation standardization
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None
(e) None of these

7. Labelling is important for international legal and _____ reasons ?
(a) Marketing
(b) Promotional
(c) Branding
(d) Strategies
(e) None of these

8. Which is the branding of a bank –
(a) Personal loan
(b) Mutual fund
(c) Fixed deposit
(d) Home loans
(e) None of these

9. Which is the means of advertising –
(a) Electric display
(b) Posters
(c) Advertising board
(d) All of the above
(e) None of these

10. Telemarketing means___________.
(a) Selling telephones
(b) Sending SMS messages
(c) Chatting on the phone
(d) Marketing through phone calls
(e) Marketing in person

11. The USP of a Credit Card is________.
(a) Cashless operations
(b) Only for HNIs
(c) Only for men
(d) Only for employed persons
(e) Transactions through cheque book

12. The USP of a Current Account is
(a) High Profitability
(b) Liquidity
(c) Low Rate of Interest
(d) Costly transactions
(e) Friendly features

13. Bancassurance means__________.
(a) Assurance of banks for quality service
(b) Assurance for sanction of loans
(c) Selling of insurance products by banks
(d) Selling credit cards
(e) Selling debit cards

14. Good competition helps in________.
(a) Improved sales
(b) Improved customer service
(c) Improved brand image
(d) All of these
(e) None of these


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