If I can do it, everyone can do it

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. This is the first time we are sharing a success story because the story has a lot of things to learn from.

Hi This is Silent ardent reader of EXAMPUNDIT

After lot of failures my fruits bore to me, fact I believe in hard work rather luck and God, don't get vexed of my failures. Hahaha

One biggest thing for my failures is my FEAR, never allow it to creep in to your heart, then no way you can see SUCCESS

A famous quote my mentor,

Don't read success stories, you will get only message. Read failure stories, you will get some ideas to success.

In fact I used to read some success but more I used to know failures mistakes because not to repeat those again.

I did my PG biotech in 2007, started career in 2008 as junior scientist in pvt organization after 5years of research career I left and diverted myself to Govt sector. After two big blows and disasters that changed my life completely. I'm such a coward that I have tried to commit suicide for the things did not happen in my life. Finally I choose banking as a career started my journey in 2013 January, being a biology student I always have fear of quantitative aptitude and my biggest assets are rest. Even nightmares of quant like English for many J 

See my Failures don't get vexed  Karnataka bank PO, SBI PO 2013 and 2014, NHB 2013, coal mined provident fund PO,RBI clerk 2013, RBI grade B 2014, NICL 2013 and 2015 LIC AAO-2013, LIC ADO-2013, UIIC AO 2015, OICL AO 2015, IBPS PO IV 2014, Syndicate bank Manipal Program 2014, RBI grade B 2013 cleared prelims but failed in mains, RRB PO 2013 qualified 128 but cutoff is 129 RRB Clerk no use not selected for any interview, Karnataka bank clerk 2013 got did not went, neglected due to private sector bank, BOB PO manipal 2013, IOB PO manipal 2013 got selected for both but did not went due to programme oriented. 

Why to waste my time for programme and studying I left both offers and was overconfidence by that time that I can clear IBPS PO 3 but that exam I did not gave due to missing my train. Recently I have cleared NABARD and waiting for interview. 

Finally I was placed as PO in karur vysya bank 2013 notification sad part is private sector after getting appointment. I was thinking did my hard work go in vain no it showed me fruits in return as PO which I had work hard, now I'm 30 finally placed in bank.

Dear bro/sis Don't repeat these mistakes as I have done so avoid those in reaching your success
  1. Maintain accuracy
  2. Try to cross the minimum cut off
  3. Don't try to pull the leg of favourite section completely
  4. Don't touch puzzles in the starting, attempt only when you have time in the last
  5. MOST IMPORTANT  Don't get stuck with any problem more than one minute
  6. Don't try to attempt questions which you are having doubt it may dump you, if you really want to attempt kindly attempt 2 per section not more than that, if you attempt you will loose your accuracy and even loose job by 0.25 like many aspirants.

Things to remember for exam:
Prepare time table, plan for each section daily and prepare turn to weak to strong part
For those who are having night mare of English Read Hindu Editorial page it will help you in reading comprehension and vocabulary, daily one test of English from any sites lot of sites are keeping online tests. More you write tests more it will help you analyze and learn from it.

For those who has Maths nightmares like ME, hahaha, prepare these first tables till 15, squares till 30, cubes till 20, Simplifications, Profit and loss, distance and time, more you do DI, PERCENTAGES very important topic, these is more than enough for maths weak students, more practice and daily do one exam enough to get more marks in quant definitely you will get 15-18 marks. I'm giving assurance for this.

Despite failures don't get vexed you are not going in smooth path, competition is like thorn path you need to remove every obstacles to reach destiny of success. Don't bother about others even you dear ones yell at you, no matter be patience and show what you are!!

Especially for failure aspirants prepare in a such a way that this is your last attempt and give your best otherwise no exam for you.

Finally my last word to all aspirants "If I can do it, everyone can do it"


Team ExamPundit


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