Few Questions asked in FCI AG-III West Zone

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here are few questions asked in FCI AG-III West Zone exam on 12th July, 2015. Thank you so much Sarath for sharing these with us.

1) A box contains 90 discs which are numbered from 1 to 90. if one disc is drawn at random from the box, the probability that it bears a perfect square number is:
Ans: 1/10

2) A petrol tank at a filling station has a capacity of 400 liters. The Attendant sells 40 liters of petrol from the tank to one customer and then replenishes it with kerosene oil. This process in repeated with six customers. What quantity of pure petrol with the seventh customer get when he purchases 40 liters of petrol?

3) In a class there are 33 students comprising of boys and girls. in a monthly test, the average score of the class was 14. the average score of girls and boys of the class was 15 and 12 respectively. Assuming that all the students has taken the test, what is the number of girls in the class?

4) A jogger running at 9km per hour alongside a railway track is 240 meters ahead of the engine of a 120 meters long train running at 45km per hour in the same direction. in how much time will the train pass the jogger?

5) A man invested 14,400 in the hundred rupee shares of a company at 20% premium. if the company declares 5% dividend at the end of the year, then how much does he gets as dividend?

6) A’s Present age is 4 years more than B’s age after six years. the sum of the present age of A and B together is 70 years. what is the present age of B?

7) The ratio between the length and the area of a rectangular field is 1:30 respectively. The perimeter of the field is 150 meters. what is the length of that rectangular field?

8) Find the odd one out from the givenalternatives?

9) 3,4,7,11,18,29,______?
Ans: 47

9) what is the number missing from the third target?
Ans: 48

10) A man leaves for his office from his house.he walks towards south. after walking a distance of 300 meters he turns towards west and walks 200 meters. then he walks 100 meters towards North and further 100 meters towards west. He then turns towards north and walks 200 meters. what is the straight distance in meters between his initial and final positions?
Ans: 300


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