Exam Review - SBI PO Mains 2015

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. On the basis of above 100 reviews, we are giving the Exam Review of SBI PO Mains 2015.

Data Interpretation and Data Analysis:

The Data Interpretation section was reportedly Moderate to Tough. There was Data Interpretation along with Quadratic Equations and Number Series. There was also questions on Probability.

The Data Interpretation Questions were mainly based on Income & Expenditure and Manufacturing. There was one Data Interpretation from Income & Expenditure on Line Diagram. Another Data Interpretation was based on Manufacturing which was on Beds(Queen & King) and it was a Pie Chart. One Data Interpretation was on

There was also Data Sufficiency questions which were quite tricky as per few candidates.

Overall the Data Interpretation and Data Analysis section was Moderate to Tough.

The average attempt varied between 18 – 24.


Reasoning was very confusing and also tough. None of the questions were asked directly as per the candidates. Syllogisms, Inequalities were very confusing as they were different than the usual. The Puzzles of reasoning was very tough as per most of the candidates. One puzzle was slightly easier than the others but not EASY in nature. A lot of people had problems in Reasoning section.

The average attempts varied between 26 – 34.


English was apparently easier than the other subjects. However, comprehension was supposedly bit lengthier which made it moderate in level. The topics were on Use of technology by children and its effect and another on Economy. The Cloze Test, Para Jumbles were easy. All over English was surprisingly easier than others.

The average attempt in English varied between 32 - 36 regardless of any caste or anything.

General Awareness:

General Awareness was EASY for most of the candidates from our portals. The questions were easy and attemptable.

Marketing was moderate in nature and Computer was reportedly Easy to Moderate.

The average attempt varied between, 34-40.

Descriptive Paper:

  • Letter to your manager regarding haphazard in maintenance of files and give some innovative methods to curb them.
  • Letter to the editor of a newspaper regarding cyber crime in your city and suggest some steps to curb the problem.
  • Letter to the aged teacher to thanking him for the help in your success.

  • Pros and cons of one rank one pension
  • Ethical problems in e-commerce
  • Related to India's dependency over monsoon 

Overall, the exam was slightly easier than the previous exams by SBI. The average attempts varied between, 110 – 134 regardless of any caste, category or anything.


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