Computer Knowledge Quiz for SBI PO Mains 2015 - Set 8

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for SBI PO Mains 2015.

1. In Oracle, what is the default number of transactions that MAXTRANS is set to if not specified?
(a) 512
(b) 10
(c) 40
(d) 1
(e) 255

2. Which of the following groups consist of only input devices?
(a) Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor
(b) Mouse, Keyboard, Printer
(c) Mouse, Keyboard, Plotter
(d) Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner
(e) None of these

3. To which pin on the RAM chip does the address decoder connect in order to signal which memory chip is being accessed ?
(a) The address input
(b) The output enable
(c) The chip enable
(d) The data input
(e) The data output

4. In windows, by default the files when deleted are sent to ________
(a) Dust Bin
(b) Recycle Bin
(c) Waste Bin
(d) Recycle Waste Bin
(e) None of these

5. When you want to move some text from one page to a different page, the best method is________
(a) drag and drop
(b) cut and paste
(c) delete and retype
(d) find and replace
(e) None of these

6. To indent the first paragraph of your report, you should use this key ________.
(a) space bar
(b) return key
(c) tab key
(d) shift key
(e) None of these

7. Which is the best definition of a software package?
(a) An add-on for your computer such as additional memory
(b) A set of computer programs used for a certain function such as word processing
(c) A protection you can buy for a computer
(d) The box, manual and licence agreement that accompany commercial software
(e) None of these

8. A ________ represents approximately one billion memory location.
(a) kilobyte
(b) megabyte
(c) gigabyte
(d) terabyte
(e) None of these

9. A collection of programs that controls how your computer system runs and processes information is called
(a) operating system
(b) computer
(c) office
(d) compiler
(e) interpreter

10. After a user has saved and deleted many files, many scattered areas of stored data remain that are too small to be used efficiently, causing ________
(a) disorder
(b) turmoil
(c) disarray
(d) fragmentation
(e) None of these

11. A(n)_____is text that you want printed at the bottom of the page.
(a) header
(b) endnote
(c) footnote
(d) footer
(e) None of these

12. The operating system is the most common type of ________software.
(a) Communication
(b) Application
(c) System
(d) Word-processing
(e) None of these

13. Sending an e-mail is same as
(a) writing a letter
(b) drawing a picture
(c) talking on phone
(d) sending a package
(e) None of these

14. In any window, the maximize button, the minimize button and the close buttons appear on
(a) The title bar
(b) Menu bar
(c) Status bar
(d) Ruler bar
 (e) Tool bar

15. To make the number pad act as directional arrows, you press the ————— key.
(a) shift
(b) arrow lock
(c) num lock
(d) caps lock
(e) None of these


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