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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Computer Knowledge Quiz for RBI Assistant 2015 - Set 8

Hello and welcome to ExamPundit. Here is a set of Computer Knowledge Quiz for RBI Assistant 2015.

1. An error is also known as
(a) bug
(b) debug
(c) cursor
(d) icon
(e) None of these

2. In database, a field is a ________.
(a) label
(b) table of information
(c) group of related records
(d) category of information
(e) None of these

3. Screen that comes on when you turn on your computer that shows all the icons is
(a) desktop
(b) face-to-face
(c) viewer
(d) view space
(e) None of these

4. A file that contains definitions of the paragraph and character styles for your document and all things you customized like toolbars and menus is called a
(a) guide
(b) pattern
(c) base document
(d) template
(e) None of these

5. A ________ contains buttons and menus that provide quick access to commonly used commands.
(a) toolbar
(b) menu bar
(c) window
(d) find
(e) None of these

6. The blinking point which shows your position in the text is called
(a) Blinker
(b) Cursor
(c) Causer
(d) Pointer
(e) None of these

7. What is the name for the process that is used to convert a series of instructions, or program, written in a high-level language into instructions (or a program) that can be run on a computer?
(a) Assembling
(b) Compiling
(c) Translating
(d) Uploading
(e) None of these

8. ________are often delivered to a PC through an email attachment and are often designed to do harm.
(a) Viruses
(b) Spam
(c) Portals
(d) Email messages
(e) None of these

9. You click at B to make the text ________.
(a) Italics
(b) Underlined
(c) Italics and Underlined
(d) Bold
(e) None of these

10. ________ is the process of finding errors in software code.
(a) Debugging
(b) Compiling
(c) Interpreting
(d) Testing
(e) None of these


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